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If you would like to consider working with us as your Buyer's Agent, we would love to help you.  Please send me a quick email at: or call me at 305-793-8965 and let's chat. 

We know that many buyers who initially contact us are in the information gathering stage.  Our goal is to give our clients good information so that you can make informative buying decisions.

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Customs for Buying in Miami and Miami Beach

Using a Buyer's Agent When Buying Real Estate in Miami Beach & Miami

Although the Internet is a great place to look at listings; often the best properties are gone by the time they are syndicated through all of the sites. Plus online listings only tell half of the story.  

You need an experienced agent to be sure you are getting the best deal and service. If you aren't familiar with local customs it's important to know that our commissions are usually paid for by the seller in a transaction.  In fact on most deals in Miami and Miami Beach, there are two agents.  One who represents the seller and one who represents the buyer.  The fees for both agents are already built into the listing agreement before the property is listed. 

So if the seller has an agent representing their best interests, shouldn't you as a buyer have your own agent representing yours? 

It's important and we will be more than happy to explain how everything works.

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