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How To Sell Your Miami Beach Home Faster?

If you are thinking about selling your Miami Beach home, you probably have a lot of questions.  If you need to sell quickly, still in today's competitive real estate market, pricing your Miami Beach Home correctly from the beginning, is still the #1 tip to selling your home the fastest.

How To Sell Your Miami Beach Home Faster?

As Miami Beach listing agents for sellers, certainly we can create great marketing materials online and offline to get the maximum exposure for your property, however buyers have so much data at their fingertips and are able to determine pricing relatively quickly.  Buyers in today's market are savvy and are not going to overpay for real estate.

Generally speaking, you will know right away if your Miami Beach home is overpriced as the market is very busy right now.  Inventory is very low and there are a lot of buyers.  If your property is overpriced the first few indications that it's overpriced will be no phone calls and no showings.

Here are some quick tips to effectively price your Miami Beach home to sell fast:

1.  Make a list of all of the qualities of your property, for instance:  (neighborhood, square footage, lot size, waterfront, view, amenities, upgrades, hurricane impact windows, etc. )

2.  Get a list of recently sold homes with similar criteria, I would suggest staying within a six month range.  Note:  It is easier to do this with condominiums units in the same building than with homes.  We can explain this in more detail if you need help with it.

3.  Get a list of current homes for sale on the market with similar criteria.

4.  What is ratio between the listed prices and sold prices?

5.  How many properties are currently for sale in your neighborhood?

6.  Take into consideration your personal financial goals, what are the expenses related to selling the property?  Repairs, closing costs, commissions, etc.

Although these are just a few of the tips that we use when pricing our Miami Beach listings to sell quick, just remember that pricing is key!  You can upgrade your home, stage it with glorious fashions, expose it to many buyers but in the end, it has to be priced correctly in order to sell fast.

In the next tips, I will discuss additional techniques on how to sell you home and how to stage it correctly.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking about selling your Miami Beach home, we can help you.

We specialize in Miami and Miami Beach real estate and would be happy to give you a personalized Comparative Market Analysis for your Miami home or assist you to purchase a Miami Beach condo or home.

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